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Visit the Calendar page to view any information on scheduled CEUís

Louisiana Registered Interior Designer Annual Requirement:

Louisiana Registered Interior Designers are required to complete .5 hours of LSBID (Louisiana State Board of Interior Designers) approved Continuing Education each calendar year. Louisiana law requires that only courses that are designated as Health, Safety and Welfare be approved by LSBID. Courses that are designated as 'general knowledge' will not be approved for LSBID credit.

Once a licensee has reached the age of 65 they become exempt from our annual CEU requirement.

The first year a license is granted the licensee is exempt from the CEU requirement to renew for the following year.

.5 hours of CEU = 5 hours.

Verifying LSBID Approval (recommended prior to attending a course):

You can verify approved courses by using the CEU course search. You can search the title or keyword for a course.

Please be aware that just because a course is being advertised as 'approved', 'IDCEC approved', 'ASID approved', or 'IIDA approved' does NOT automatically mean it is LSBID approved.

Looking for available courses?

Use our calendar to determine if we are aware of any approved courses being offered.

Use the CEU course search to find courses that can be completed on your own schedule. There are over 100 hours of online or at home courses approved.

Want to attend a course that isn't yet LSBID approved?

The licensee or the provider can apply to have the course approved.

If the course has been previously approved by the IDCEC, ASID, IIDA or AIA for HSW, then the course will be automatically approved by the LSBID upon submission of a completed course approval application.

If the course has not yet been approved by any of the listed entities, the course must go through a formal review process to determine if it meets the IDCEC's definitions of health, safety, welfare. A completed course approval application must be submitted.

How to submit proof of attendance to LSBID:

You will be required to submit proof of attendance annually.

You may also choose to fax or email your attendance certificate as soon as you complete a course so that it will be added to your Continuing Education attendance. Your provider may also choose to send their sign in sheet to our office in lieu of providing individual certificates.

Want to know how many hours you already have on file with our office?

Search your Continuing Education Attendance.

Repeating a course for CEU credit:

According to LSBID rules, once you have completed a CEU for LSBID credit, you may not repeat the course for LSBID credit unless it has been 3 years since you previously took the course.

CEU Course Search

You may search LSBID approved courses by title, provider, or format.

To search by format, enter the format number into the format type box below.

You may also browse all approved courses by typing the word "yes" in the All Courses category.

All courses generated by this search are LSBID approved for HSW and will count toward fulfilling your annual .5 CEU's necessary to maintain your license.


Format Type


2 Lecture, Charette, Workshop, Panel Discussion
3 Conference, Symposium
4 Online, Webinar
5 Monograph, Home Study, Self-study, Hand-out/Article, Independent Study, Pocket CEU
6 Study Tour, Site Visit
Course Title
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Course LSBID # Format Approved
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