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FormatLSBID NumberCourseApproved UnitsProvider
online11.999608.192017 Advanced FBC Significant Code Changes- Sixth Edition2Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.159.19A New Approach to Universal [Inclusive] Kitchen Design1.5Monogram Appliances
seminar22.999581.18Accessibility & The ADA - 2010 Standard For Room Identification Signs12/90 Sign Systems
seminar22.169.19Accessibility for All: How the ADA Requirements for Drinking Fountains and Sinks Enhance Kitchen/Bath Design1Elkay
seminar22.999601.18Achieving Sustainable Green Design with Air Barriers1Tyvek
seminar22.226.19Acoustic Underlay and Carpet Cushion Specification Guidelines1Tred-MOR by SCI a Leggett & Platt Company
seminar13.145.19Acoustical Concepts1Unika Vaev
seminar22.999602.18Acoustics, Flooring & the Built
seminar22.999552.17Active Design: The Blueprint for Human Sustainability1Krueger international, Inc.
online12.999299.19ADA Guidelines 2010: Plumbing Elements and
online12.999300.19ADA Guidelines 2010: Small
seminar22.923.18ADA Signage Update: An Overview of the ADA and its Accessibility Guidelines for Signage1ASI Signage Innovations
online17.999518.17ADA-Compliant Solid Surface Shower Compartment & Lavatory
home study11.185.19Adaptive Reuse8Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.999609.19Advanced Florida Building Code: 2014 Significant Code Changes2Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online17.999208.16Advances in Plumbing Design for
seminar22.156.19Aging in Place: 21st Century Reality Design6HalfMoon Education Inc.
seminar/online11.186.19Aging in the Tech Age: New Technologies for an Aging Population4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online12.999301.19Air Quality: US Air
seminar22.999600.18Air, Water & Moisture Management in Commercial Building Envelopes1Tyvek
seminar22.999597.18Air, Water & Moisture Management in Light Commercial Building1Huber Enegineered Wood
online17.999210.16An Overview of Engineered Quartz
seminar13.141.19Architectural Castings for Walls and Ceilings1Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
seminar22.173.19Architectural Powder Coatings1Sierrra Pacific Window
online11.187.19Article: Color Sense: Introduction to Color Psychology1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.188.19Article: Impact of the Built Environment on Patient Outcomes1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online17.999519.17Artisanal Craft in Sustainable
online12.999129.19Bath Planning: Accessibility in
online12.999130.19Bath Planning: Environmental and Sustainability
online12.999131.19Bath Planning: History, Research, and
online12.999132.19Bath Planning: Human Factors, Universal Design, and Assessing
online12.999133.19Bath Planning: Infrastructure
online12.999134.19Bath Planning: Mechanical
online12.999135.19Bath Planning: What Goes Into Planning a
online12.094.19Biomechanics: Understanding Barrier Free
online17.999520.17Biomimicry: Design By
seminar13.999577.18Biophilic Design and Flooring1Armstrong Flooring
seminar22.227.19Breaking Convention with Timber Offices, New Code Provisions for Tall Timber Structures, Fire Resistant Design and Detailing and CLT Solutions4Woodworks Wood Product Council
seminar22.999588.18Building Barrier-Free Showers1Schluter Systems L.P.
online12.999098.19Building for Senior Living: Building Codes, Sustainability, and Structural
online12.999096.19Building for Senior Living: Interior Design Elements and
online12.999097.19Building for Senior Living: Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire-Protection, Electrical, Communications, and
online12.999100.19Building for Senior Living: Programming and Planning Guidelines for Facilities Part
online12.999101.19Building for Senior Living: Programming and Planning Guidelines for Facilities Part
online12.999099.19Building for Senior Living: The Future of Senior
seminar22.999574.18Building Green with Paint and Coatings1Farrell-Calhoun
online12.115.19Building Pathology: An
online12.999137.19Building Systems for Designers - Electrical Appliances and Communications
online12.999138.19Building Systems for Designers - Electrical Systems
online12.999139.19Building Systems for Designers - Fire
online12.999140.19Building Systems for Designers - Heating and Cooling
online12.999141.19Building Systems for Designers - Indoor Air
online12.999142.19Building Systems for Designers - Introduction to Acoustic Design
online12.999143.19Building Systems for Designers - Lighting
online12.999144.19Building Systems for Designers - Principles of Thermal
online12.999145.19Building Systems for Designers - Structural
online12.999147.19Building Systems for Designers - Toilet and Bath
online12.999148.19Building Systems for Designers - Water Supply, Distribution, and Waste
online12.999136.19Building Systems for Designers: Advanced Acoustic Design
online12.999146.19Building Systems for Designers: The Building and Its
online11.189.19Buildings are for People4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.190.19Care & Maintenance of Tile and Stone1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.999494.17Cellular PVC and the Changing Face of Trim Products1Azek
seminar22.179.19Ceramic Tile: What it is and what you can do with it1Mohawk Industires, Tile Division
seminar13.134.19CeramicSteel and the Vertical Surface1Steelcase
seminar22.999598.18Climate Zoned Cladding and Contemporary Commercial Solutions with Fiber Cement1James Hardie Building Products
online17.999504.17Closing the Loop on Office
seminar/online11.191.19Codes to Live By: From Accessibility to Visitability (4)4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online17.999214.16Color & Paint in Environments for the
online17.999495.17Color in Healthcare Environments: Evidence-Based Design
seminar13.151.19Combatting (HAI) Healthcare Associated Infections1Construction Specialties, Inc.
online12.999149.19Commercial Electrical Systems
online12.999150.18Commercial HVAC Systems
online12.999151.19Commercial Plumbing Systems
online17.999506.17Commercial Restroom Design: Sanitary, Accessible, Durable, &
seminar22.999567.18Contracts for Interior Designers1Anna Dow
online17.999521.17Creating a Recycling
online17.999241.16Creating Healthy Living Environments with New Paint
seminar13.999607.19Creating Safe Healthcare Environments1Tarkett
online17.999244.16Custom Shower Solutions for the Luxury
seminar22.999603.18Design Considerations & Options for successful Resinous Flooring Installations1Dur-a-flex
home study11.192.19Design for Mental and Behavioral Health8Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.171.19Design is Personal, Interior Spaces with Cabinetry1American Woodmark
online22.901.17Designing Barrier-Free Restrooms to Meet the New 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible
seminar22.999566.18Designing Beyond Borders1.25LaCantina Doors
seminar22.142.19Designing for Accessibility under ADA Standards and IBC6.5HalfMoon Education Inc.
seminar13.148.19Designing for Emotional Wellbeing at Work1Steelcase
seminar13.136.19Designing for Family Support- The Foundation of Patient Experience1Steelcase
seminar22.162.19Designing for Life Stages-Cabinetry1American Woodmark
seminar11.999545.17Designing for the Digital Age8Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar11.999610.19Designing for the Digital Age (5 hour)5Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.999611.19Designing for the Digital Age (8 hour)8Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar13.999562.18Designing in the New Landscape of Work1Herman Miller
online17.999508.17Designing with Architectural Decorative
seminar/online11.193.19Designing with Concrete, Quartz, Glass & Terrazzo4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.999572.18Designing with Mushroom Material Technology1Gunlocke
online11.194.19Designing with Natural Stone (4)4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online17.999222.16Designing with
seminar22.999493.17Developing and Building Sustainably with Fiber Cement1James Hardie
online12.121.19Diagnosing and Mitigating IAQ
online17.999498.17Eastern White Pine: Sustainable
online17.999500.17Electric Fireplaces: A Stylish, Simple, and Safe
online17.999528.17Electric Fireplaces: Design Considerations for Public
online17.999522.17Electronic Access Control for Group R
online17.999515.17Enabling Successful Contemporary Tile
online17.999523.17Entrance Flooring Systems: Design with the Elements in
seminar13.175.19Environments for Cancer Care1Steelcase
online11.195.19Equity by Design (2)2Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.999612.19Equity by Design (4 hour)4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online12.122.19Essential Lighting: The Language, Metrics & Process of Lighting
online11.196.19Ethical Design for Health and Wellness2Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.999570.18Ethics- A Code of Behavior for the Workplace1Anna Dow
online11.999613.19Ethics for Design Professionals2Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar17.146.19European Beech: Durable, Sustainable, and
seminar22.999626.19Fee Proposal Workshop for Design Professionals7Blue Turtle Consulting
seminar12.999625.19Feeling Good to Feeling WELL1Teknion
seminar22.999564.18Fenestration in Contemporary Residential Architecture1Weather Shield Windows & Doors
online17.999524.17Fire-Safe Building Design: An Introduction to Automatic Sprinkler
online17.999517.17Floor Warming, Primary Heating, Snow Melting, & Roof De-Icing with PTC
seminar22.999580.18Flooring + Safety in the Built Environment1J+J Flooring
seminar13.999606.19Flooring for Healthcare: An Evidence-Based Design Approach1Tarkett
seminar22.166.19Forms of Tunable Light, What You Need to Know1Lighting and Power Solutions, Inc. [agent for Hubbell Lighting]
seminar22.163.19Fundamentals of Lighting1Lighting and Power Solutions, Inc. [agent for Hubbell Lighting]
online12.999152.18Furniture Design: Introduction, Function, and
online12.999153.18Furniture Design:
online12.999154.18Furniture Design: Spatial Organization and Typological
online12.999155.18Furniture Design:
online17.999257.16Gas Fireplaces: Adding Ambiance to Any
online11.197.19Global Trends in Bath Design4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.198.19Global Trends in Kitchen Design4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.999586.18Going Big with Operable Glass Walls1Western Window Systems
online12.125.19Green Building Materials: An
online12.126.19Green Building Materials: Product Selection &
online11.199.19Green Criteria for Materials Selection1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online12.543.19Green Design: Economics of Green
online12.999156.19Green Design: Introduction to High Performance Building Design (Based on LEED v4)
online12.999157.19Green Design: Introduction to Indoor Environmental Air Quality (Based on LEED v4)
online12.999161.19Green Design: Introduction to Sustainable Design Materials and Resources (Based on LEED v4)
online12.999160.19Green Design: Introduction to Sustainable Sites (Based on LEED v4)
online12.999158.19Green Design: Sustainable Daylighting Design (Based on LEED v4)
online12.999159.19Green Design: Sustainable Lighting Design (Based on LEED v4)
online17.999225.16Green, Living Wall Design
conf seminar14.102.12HCD National Conference (HSW only)variesHCD
online17.999226.16Healing Gardens: The Role of Fabric for Shade &
seminar13.183.19Healing the Healthcare Environment1Forbo
seminar13.999576.18Health, Wellness and Specifying LVT1Armstrong Flooring
seminar13.184.19Healthcare casework: Options, Materials, and Their Impact on the Health Environment1Lacasse
seminar22.999081.17Healthcare Color & Design Trends1PPG
conf seminar14.796.12Healthcare Design Conference (HSW only)variesHealthcare Design Magazine
conf22.999544.17Healthcare Facilities Design Summit (HSW only)variesOpal Group
online17.999227.16Heat Bathing: Sauna, Infrared, &
online17.999525.17High Art, Low Impact: Modern Luxury in Hospitality & Commercial
online17.260.16High Performance Floor
online11.200.19Home Automation1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
home study11.201.19Home Study: Sustainable Design - A Critical Guide8Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
home study11.202.19Home Study: Feng Shui for the 21st Century8Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
home study11.203.19Home Study: Healing Environments: What's the Proof?10Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
home study11.204.19Home Study: Lighting for Interior Design6Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
home study11.205.19Home Study: Modern Architecture6Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
home study11.206.19Home Study: Towards Zero Energy Architecture8Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.999614.19Hospitality Design (online or live)4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar13.153.19How A Place Makes Us Feel: Designing In Moods That Boost Human Performance1Kimball
online17.999229.16How to Design an Accessible, ADA Compliant Locker Storage
online17.999230.16How to Read Product Environmental Profiles: Understanding the Value of
online11.999550.17Improved Quality of Life Concepts: Air, Sound, Heat, and Accessibility4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar11.999615.19Improved Quality of Life Concepts: Air, Sound, Heat, and Accessibility4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.999559.18Improving Façade Designs by Comparing Automated vs. Manual Solar Shading1Somfy Systems, Inc.
seminar22.999020.18Improving Healthcare Outcomes through Prefab Interior Construction: The Business Case1DIRTT
seminar13.149.19Improving Indoor Air Quality in the Built Environment1Tarkett
home study11.207.19Inclusive Housing6Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.999546.17Infection Prevention thru Design and Innovation1Hallmark Building Supplies
seminar22.154.19Installation Methods for Windows and
seminar13.999575.18Installation of Commercial Resilient Flooring1Armstrong Flooring
seminar13.138.19Integrated Ceiling and Lighting Solutions1Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
seminar22.999568.18Interior Design and Crime Prevention2Anna Dow
online12.999162.19Interior Lighting for Designers: Interior
home study11.208.19Interiors Beyond Architecture8Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online12.999298.19International Building Code & More: Finish and Furniture
online12.999297.19International Building Code & More: Means of
online11.209.19Introduction to Feng Shui for Design Professionals1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online12.129.19Introduction to
seminar22.999558.18Introduction to Wind Design and the Wood Frame Construction Manual1Simpson Strong Tie
seminar22.999469.17It's A Thirsty World1Hansgrohe
online17.999505.17Kiln-Fired Glass: Function and Artistry in the Built
seminar22.158.19Large Gauged Porcelain Slab1Daltile
seminar22.999585.18LED Lighting Technology for Cabinet and Furniture Applications1Hafele
online11.210.19LED: Lighting the Way Sustainably (2)2Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.211.19LED: Lighting the Way Sustainably (4)4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online17.999236.16LEED v4: Paint and
seminar22.161.19Let the Sun Shine In1Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls
seminar22.181.19Light Control in the Office Space1Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls
online12.999163.19Lighting Control
seminar13.999579.18Lighting Design & Controls- Enabling the Internet of Things through Digital Lighting1Lighting & Electrical Associates
seminar22.167.19Lighting Design for Exterior Spaces1Lighting and Power Solutions, Inc. [agent for Hubbell Lighting]
seminar22.165.19Lighting Design for Indoor Spaces1Lighting and Power Solutions, Inc. [agent for Hubbell Lighting]
seminar13.140.19Lighting the Way1Humanscale
online17.999238.16Living Wall Biofilters: Growing Clean Air and Energy
seminar01.001.01LSBID Fall Seminar- 5 hours IDCEC/HSW5LSBID
seminar22.999492.17Managing Condensation and Thermal Performance with Continuous Insulation1Huber Engineered Woods
seminar13.99953.18Maximizing Tile Installation with Trim Profiles1Schulter
conf seminar14.101.12Metrocon (HSW only)variesMetrocon
online22.180.19Modern Materials for Contemporary
online11.999616.19Modular Interior Design and Architecture4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.160.19Moisture Mitigation: Planning for Success1Schonox
online11.212.19Mold and Moisture: Prevention & Mitigation4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online12.999294.19Mold Safety and
seminar22.999594.18Multi Slide Glass Door Systems: Bringing indoors and outdoors together through design and performance1LaCantina Doors
online22.225.19Naturalness: Man-Made vs. Natural Materials1Wilsonart
seminar22.157.19NeoCan'tvariesIIDA Delta Regional
conf seminar14.100.09NeoCon (HSW only)variesNeoCon
online11.213.19Net-Zero Energy1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.214.19Net-Zero Energy (2)2Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online12.999164.19New Building Technologies Series: Passive Solar Building
online12.999165.19New Building Technologies Series: Smart Building
online12.999166.19New Building Technologies Series: Smart Lighting
seminar/online11.215.19New Materials and Methods: What's Here Now and What's Next?4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar13.174.19NEXT Generation Green Building: Connecting People & Place1Tarkett
online17.999240.16Next Generation Solid
seminar22.999479.17Next Generation Solid Surface1Lotte Advanced Materials
seminar22.999557.18OFS Brands and the WELL Building Standard1OFS Brands, Inc.
seminar13.999583.18Operable Glass Walls for Flexible Interior Space Division1NanaWall Systems
online12.095.19OSHA Fire Protection &
seminar13.229.20Out is the New In: Designing Workspaces that Foster Natural Connection1Haworth
seminar11.999617.19Outdoors In, Indoors Out: Blurring the Lines4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.978.19Paint 101: Paint & Coatings Technology1Sherwin Williams
online17.999507.17Panel Radiators: the Modern Radiator
seminar22.999604.18Pedagogy of Space/ Just Start Something1VS America
seminar13.147.19Physical Ergonomics in Workplace Design1Herman Miller
online11.216.19Placemaking: American cities reinvented with sustainable projects1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online02.176.19Planning Ahead to Age at Home1ASID
online17.999242.16Planning Guide for Accessible
seminar22.170.19Polished Concrete Floors1W R Meadows
online17.999527.17Polycarbonate Sheet Products for High Performance Architectural
seminar22.999495.17Porcelain Tile Manufacturing Methods3American Olean
seminar22.999551.17Porcelain Tile Panels1Crossville Inc.
seminar13.999573.18Preserving Modern: Modern Solutions for Saving Modern Landmarks1Knoll
seminar22.999596.18Preserving the Integrity of the American Front
online11.999565.18Principles of Feng Shui 101 - PRACTICE4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.999569.18Profession and Regulation1Anna Dow
seminar22.999543.17Programming for a Healthy Lifestyle3IIDA
seminar22.999050.15Projection Screens1Alliance Design Group
seminar12.999624.19Quartz Fabrication Techniques1Cambria
seminar12.999623.19Quartz Surfacing: Features and Benefits1Cambria
online12.096.18Radon & New
seminar13.135.19Reimagining Faculty Spaces1Steelcase
online17.999509.17Residential Kitchen and Bath Design: Sustainability and
online17.999246.16Residential Plumbing 101: Sinks, Tubs and
seminar22.172.19Safety Assessment Program (SAP) Training6.5AIA Louisiana
online17.999511.17Security Pass-Through Windows: Types, Options, &
seminar22.137.19Seeking Privacy: The Psychology and Wellness of Work without Distraction1Gunlocke
seminar22.999622.19Shade Selection for the Exterior Envelope1Mermet USA
online12.133.19Signage for Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape
seminar/online11.217.19Small is the New Big4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.218.19Smart Home Revolution: Automated, Responsive and Connected (4)4Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.219.19Smart Textiles for Interior Designers & Architects1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
Home Study11.999618.19Some Place Like Home: Using Design Psychology to Create Ideal Places8Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online17.999514.17Spa-Inspired Shower
seminar22.999491.17Specifying Entry Systems Increasing Energy Efficiency1Thermatru
seminar22.999571.18Standards: Engagement and Trends in Commercial Interiors1BIFMA
online17.999547.17Sun Control Devices for Energy Efficient
online17.999251.16Sustainable Attributes of LVT
seminar13.999584.18Sustainable Design Uses for Large Opening Wall Systems1NanaWall Systems
seminar13.985.17Sustainable Flooring Systems1Armstrong Flooring
online11.220.19Sustainable Furniture Design1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online17.999256.16Sustainable Materials for the
online17.999259.16Sustainable Water and Stormwater
seminar13.139.19Technology Driven Manufactured Design1AOS Interior Environments
seminar22.168.19Technology Driven Manufactured Interior Construction1AOS
online17.999529.17Technology’s Influence on Water Delivery in the
online17.999260.16Terrazzo Flooring
seminar13.999627.19The Advantages of Drywall Grid1Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
online17.999530.17The Art of Airflow: Custom Ventilation
online17.999531.17The Art of Residential
online17.999532.17The Evolving Workplace: Putting LEDs to work in office
seminar22.999549.17The Healing Power of Touch1IOA
seminar13.999605.19The New Landscape of Work1Herman Miller
online11.999619.19The New Reality of Virtual Reality2Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.999595.18The Science of Color & Light1Benjamin Moore
seminar22.999075.18The Uncoupling Principle1Schluter Systems L.P.
online17.999263.16The Workplace Break Room & Ice & Water
online17.999264.16Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) Decorative Panels: Attractive, Durable, &
online17.999266.14Thick Outdoor Porcelain Tile Paving
seminar13.999578.18Thin Film Intumescent Fire Coating Protection1Sherwin Williams
online11.221.19Tile and Stone Grout - The Future is Clear and Green!1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.222.19Transitional Spaces1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online11.223.19Trauma-Informed Design2Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.228.20Turn Workspaces Into Idea Places1Claridge Products
seminar13.999561.18Under Pressure: Looking for Answers Through Workplace Design1Herman Miller
seminar22.155.19Understanding Adaptable Workspace Solutions1KV Workspace
seminar22.164.19Understanding CCT & Color Metrics for Lighting1Lighting and Power Solutions, Inc. [agent for Hubbell Lighting]
online12.999296.19Understanding Moisture Intrusion and Its Impact on Mold
seminar13.150.19Understanding Vinyl Flooring1Tarkett
online17.999268.16Universal & Sustainable: Green Hand Drying for All
Home Study11.999620.19Universal Design Primer2Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar13.152.19Universal Design: An Update1Hafele
online17.999533.17Universal Design: The New
Home Study11.999621.19Urgent Architecture: Housing Solutions for a Changing World8Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
seminar22.178.19Value Analysis1Crossville Inc.
online17.999270.16Vinyl Flooring
online17.999271.16Vinyl: A Modern Material for Modern
seminar13.999582.18Virtual Care and the Evolution of Exam Spaces1Herman Miller
online11.224.19Visitability: New Accessibility Code for Single Family Homes1Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
online17.999272.16Water Management Solutions for Shower
online17.999536.17Water Supply, Infrastructure, &
seminar13.182.19Well-Being- Amenities in the Workplace1Kimball
online17.999537.17What is Quartz? The Solution for Commercial and Residential
online02.177.19What is the Future of Intelligent Homes and Communities?1ASID
seminar13.999046.18What's Good for People? Moving from Wellness to Well-Being1Knoll
online17.999538.17When Sound Control Matters: Floor Underlayment
seminar22.999490.17Window and Door Technology and Install1Jeld-Wen
seminar22.999599.18Windows and Doors for Coastal Challenges1Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors
seminar22.999560.18Your Guide to ADA Signage Basics1Inpro